“WillowWORX is appropriate for all ages and abilities working on strength, flexibility and balance.  What an innovative exercise tool! Your clients will love it as I do.”

“The single most important piece of equipment you can use for weight loss is your OWN BODY WEIGHT.”

“The best exercise for me is the exercise that I WANT to do… my morning begins with a full body stretch on WillowWORX and I feel energized and ready to get on with my day”

“Following 2 motorcycle accidents, I have had pain and tightness in both of my shoulders for 10 years… My arm movement was so restricted but I have been able to recover to pain free and almost full range within a few weeks of using WillowWORX. Being able to gradually stretch out my shoulder joint in EVERY direction and then strengthen with the resistance bands has made all the difference in the world. The BEST stretches I have ever felt!”

“The Love of Yoga confirms the universal need to stretch and strengthen for good health.  WillowWORX advances the way we ease pain and recover from soft tissue injury and improper joint alignment.   After all, soft tissue exhibits ‘plasticity’ in nature and can be comfortably altered… stretched and strengthened through progressive and controlled movements enabled by WillowWORX Freestyle Fitness Station.”

“As an avid long distance runner … my worst problem has been hamstrings & quad stiffness that would lead to low back pain as well. Since I have been using WillowWORX for the past 12 months, I have stretched and strengthened myself in a whole new way. It has made a HUGE difference in my comfort and I have recommended it to others in my runners circle. ”

“As a Physical Therapists we aim to promote movement and restore function. With WillowWORX and the support that it provides our patients benefit from END of RANGE recovery, open Chains of movement and safe levels of progression.”

“So many of my clients need assistance with balance … this Fitness station helps me to help them. Being able to instantly adjust the resistance is great and the versatility in unsurpassed. It looks beautiful too … I can see Yoga, Pilates and Dance studios using it everywhere!”

“I used the balance bam in my studios for clients as a piece of equipment of choice but WillowWORX is far superior for training!” The instant adjustments, the ease of use, versatility and functional use of this Fitness Station is unsurpassed!”

“I love the multiple positions that I can get into .. to get a really effective stretch  AND I can avoid the gym.  I hate having to go to the gym.  I will be recommending this to my Physical Therapist as well”

” Freestyle Fitness is such a smart idea… I love BODY WEIGHT strength training and WillowWORX is easy to use and right here in my home for everyday convenience. ”

“When I first saw WillowWORX from across the room I had to see what this beautiful thing was… it is beautiful.  And it allows me to replace the heavy weights that are getting dull and sometimes painful to use.  This makes sense and its appearance is so striking… everyone asks about it in my home.”

“This fitness station, WillowWORX is the perfect solution for resistance strength training for our astronauts on the International Space Station (ISS). It is compact, lightweight and so adaptable to the need of our microgravity astronauts to stay strong and flexible. This is needed on the ISS.”