willowworx rehabScience Has Proven That The Best Way To Recover Compromised Joints And Muscles Is Though Movement.

As orthopedic specialists, clinicians and patients, we know that musculoskeletal conditioning is best achieved through gradual stretching and strengthening with proper joint load, and that functional chains of movement are ideal for recovery and sustained wellness.

WillowWORX provides UNLIMITED balanced movement with proper joint load and safety. Simply guide your patients through the progressive levels of this supportive Freestyle Fitness Station to gain independence, confidence, strength, and gradual recovery of full range of motion and pain free movement.

  • Your patients use their own body weight and control to isolate and recover any joint or tissue in the body. As a clinician, you will appreciate the ease of targeted tissue recovery.
  • With their balance assured though support of any limb or handhold, patients can isolate and improve the condition of any joint or muscle.
  • Designed by PhD Orthopedic Specialist, Physical Therapist & Athlete, WillowWORX provides one of the best treatment solutions in Rehabilitative Medicine today.
  • Recommend for all types of rehabilitation:
    • Sports Injury
    • Pre- and Post-surgery
    • Isolated and targeted tissue conditioning
    • Intrinsic muscle training
    • Strength & stamina
    • Balance promotion
    • Elongated stretch and end of range stretch
    • Movement disabled or restricted mobility