Our Story

Marien  J.  Zanyk,  Ph.D.

You Know That Feeling Of A Great Stretch? It’s So ENERGIZING!

Inspired by Dr. Zanyk’s favorite tree for stretches before her morning run, WillowWORX has all the right branches at just the right heights. With multiple levels of support through its flexible limbs and handles, it is perfect for balanced exercise that combine resistance strength training, flexibility and stamina.

When you move away from old technology of heavy weights, pulleys, and intimidating gym equipment, you recognize that your own body is the best weight. With precise load adjustment and instant changes, the WillowWORX Freestyle Fitness Station is designed to be the ultimate in ease of use and versatility.

Who Is WillowWORX For?

  • Perfect for home use! WillowWORX is like having a Pilates Studio, Yoga Studio AND Fitness Center in the comfort of Your Own Home.
  • WillowWORX meets the growing demand for an alternative to traditional classes & equipment in Fitness Centers.
  • Indispensable for Physical Therapy and Rehab Centers to help patients recover range of motion and pain-free movement.
  • Employees in offices can beat the afternoon slump naturally with an energizing stretch.
  • A refreshing and natural way to maintain great health, WillowWORX can be used anywhere! Even the ISMC (International Space Medicine Consortium has suggested its use on the ISS as a solution to astronauts’ need for resistance strength training and joint challenges.