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willow worx workout

In Your Home… Imagine Having A Fitness Center Without All The Weights And Equipment!

Imagine being able to enjoy an energizing and restorative stretch anytime you desire. Whether you’re seeking the full body workout you can only get from expensive yoga and pilates classes, or you are trying to recover your strength, flexibility and range of motion after an injury, WillowWORX is the only piece of fitness equipment you’ll ever need in your home!

  • From intense cardio workouts, to resistance strength training, to energizing stretching, WillowWORX Freestyle Fitness Station lets you do it all!
  • WillowWORX is compact and made from beautiful composite materials that complement any room in your home, unlike traditional, bulky, metal fitness equipment.
  • Weighing just 40 pounds, WillowWORX is easy to assemble, easy to use, and can be enjoyed in any room of your home!
  • Multiple levels of support allow you to achieve deep and effective positions that you cannot do anywhere else, truly improving all soft tissue anywhere in your body.
  • Built in workout programs allow you to progress to the next level as you desire, using support for safety and advanced positions.


Live pain free by staying active, flexible and strong with WillowWORX!