Health & Fitness

The Perfect Addition To Fitness Centers

Pilates and Yoga have never been more popular, but for many people the classes are intimidating or too expensive. WillowWORX provides a solution to both of these challenges. This innovative Freestyle Fitness Station offers many of the same benefits of Pilates and Yoga, and can be easily integrated into your existing fitness center equipment, giving clients a full body workout that combines strength training, balance, stretching and flexibility exercises in one easy-to-use station.

  • WillowWORX is an innovative alternative to heavy weights and intimidating classes, and it has been proven to produce real results.
  • In a competitive industry, differentiate your business with a Freestyle Fitness Station that lets clients choose the moves that work for them.
  • Less expensive and maintenance-free compared to traditional fitness equipment, yet made from high-quality composite materials. WillowWORX is durable and guaranteed for 1 year.
  • From Beginners to Fitness Pros, WillowWORX encourages independent use with balance, support and safe progression of soft tissue recovery and promotion.
  • Embrace the proven benefits of WillowWORX and offer this health and wellness solution to your clientele. From active athlete to movement restricted individuals… They will love you for it!